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Prayer and Party Open Synod Evening

On 2nd May 2019, Abingdon Deanery held it's first 'Prayer and Party' Open Synod evening at St. Blaise Church, Milton. Prayer stations focussed on the Deanery's five Mission Action priorities and the people of the deanery: 
  • developing our work with children and young people
  • engaging with people in new housing developments
  • offering new ways for communities to experience church
  • developing our work with elderly people and vulnerable adults
  • deepening our life with God

Prayers were followed by a time of socialising and getting to know one another over drinks and snacks. The evening was well received and a similar evening may be planned annually going forward.

Refreshments followed prayer

New Housing - one of the 5 Mission Action Plan priorities

Abingdon Deanery prayer station

Story of the Cracked Pot

The love of God

At a previous Deanery Synod at St Laurence's Appleton, we were led in creative prayers by Rev Katie Windle, Chaplain to St Helens and St Katharine's School, Abingdon. 

In the prayers, we were asked to consider Jesus' upside down understanding of greatness. She then asked us the question: 

'What would success look like for us as a group of churches?’ 

We were asked to write down a word in response to this question on a piece of paper in the shape of a leaf and put it on a tree at the front. 

prayer tree

The picture below is of all the words that people wrote down on the leaves.....

deanery wordle