Abingdon Deanery

Archidiaconal Visitations 2017

Below please find the dates for the Dorchester Archidiaconal Visitation services for 2017.

2017 Visitation Dates Dorchester Archdeaconry




Tuesday 30th May


Wallingford and Wantage

St Michael’s Blewbury, OX11 9QH

Tuesday 6th June


Aston and Cuddesdon and Henley

Dorchester Abbey, OX10 7HH

Thursday 8th June


Deddington and Bicester and Islip

SS Peter & Paul Deddington,

OX15 0SA

Tuesday 11th July


Chipping Norton, Woodstock and Witney

St Mary’s Charlbury, OX7 3PX

Thursday 13th July


Vale and Abingdon

All Saints, Faringdon, SN7 7HW