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Abingdon Deanery

Church Growth & Mission Fund

 What is it?

The Abingdon Deanery Church Growth and Mission fund is a small ‘pot of money’ that exists within Abingdon Deanery funds from previous rebates. This is also including the £2,000 that Bishop Colin has directed towards deaneries for mission initiatives.

Who is it for?

In the past, Abingdon Deanery has funded youth and children’s workers in a few churches from this fund and various other smaller mission ventures in a number of parishes. The Deanery Standing Committee is keen for these funds to be used to encourage church growth and mission, whether they are big or small initiatives. Currently the Abingdon Deanery’s intentional priorities are:

·       Developing our work with children, families and schools

·       Engaging with people in new housing developments

·       Offering ways for communities to experience the church

·       Developing our work with the elderly and vulnerable adults

·       Deepening our life with God.  

We would like to focus on these areas across the deanery and as such we would encourage applications for work coming under these umbrellas.

What are the criteria for the fund?

Churches in the Abingdon deanery are being encouraged to think strategically about church growth and mission in their parishes. It would be fantastic to see churches working together in clusters or parishes or ecumenically to work in workplaces, schools, pubs to see how kingdom can be sown and grown in a variety of settings and ways. In the past, grants have been used to support things like Messy Church, Alpha, Open the Book, etc. This growth could be growth in numbers but it could also be growth in depth of spirituality and growth of community engagement which brings fruit for the gospel. This is not a fund for building work, and maintenance.

The Deanery will consider supporting mission grants from 50% up to 100% of the total budget requested, depending on the context of the application.

How does a church apply?

The church with the backing of the PCC should apply for a grant using the relevant application form. This Grant Application form can be downloaded here

Are there any stipulations of the fund?

If you are awarded a grant, it must be used for the purpose it was asked for. We would also like to encourage you to give a report back to Deanery Synod at the end of the grant informing how it has been useful in your parish.

Some examples of previous Mission Grants approved: 

* LAMPS Christmas presentation 'Babs of Bethlehem' for older people (Peachcroft)
* Bibles for children in local school (Marcham)
* Welcome packs for new residents (Kingston Bagpuize)
* Craft materials for Good Friday children's worship & craft session (Abingdon
, St. Michael's)
* Desire Youth Network - music and drama teams in local schools week - see report back on this event.