Abingdon Deanery

Events Around the Deanery

Below are different events happening in and around our Deanery, which we encourage you to attend.
Please contact
Karen Landon (Deanery Secretary) if you wish to add an event to this page.

BeSpace and Prayer Spaces in Schools

BeSpace vision evening for prayer spaces in schools, is being held at the Crown and Thistle in Abingdon on 7th June 2017 from 6.30 to 9pm (wine and cheese). Please contact Carol Worthington crlworthington@gmail.com for tickets (some free tickets are on offer so contact Carol soon!)

St. Leonard's, Sunningwell

Music for Distracted Tymes - A concert by Oxford Viols

St Leonard’s, Sunningwell  : 7pm Saturday 17 June 2017

Oxford Viols is a five-part consort specialising in the performance of music ranging from the reign of Elizabeth I to the time of the English Civil War. Composers then (such as Byrd, Dowland, Ferrabosco, Jenkins, and Tomkins) were closely linked to the court and the church and were affected in one way or another by the political and religious upheaval of the times.  This music remains some of the most intricate and beautiful that has been composed in England.

This is a fundraising concert in aid of St Leonard’s Church, Sunningwell. The concert will last approximately an hour and will be followed by a glass of wine and the opportunity to chat with the musicians.

Price: £15.00                 

Ticket available from Kati Evans Email: kati@evansgate.com Tel: 01865 736973 www.stleonardsunningwell.org.uk

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Rural Resource Roadshows 

Saturday 17 June, Bampton  Saturday 24 June, Whitchurch
Free events to explore a range of resources for the rural church.